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Interview Techniques

Master your interview techniques to quickly assess candidate skills and make better matches as a labour market professional.

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Duur: 1 day
8 study hours
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As a labour market professional, you must possess strong interview techniques. By asking the right questions during intakes, you can achieve more and better placements. You’ll more quickly uncover a candidate’s hard and soft skills, enabling you to place them in the best position. With effective interviewing techniques, you’re able to truly deliver quality. This results in happy clients and temporary workers.

Results of the interviewing techniques training:

  • You’ll have more control over your conversations.
  • You’ll be better able to delve deeper in your conversations, giving you more insight into your applicant or client.
  • You’ll know how to structure your conversations, listen effectively, ask the right questions, and probe further.

For whom?

The Interviewing Techniques Training is suitable for every junior labour market professional who wants to become more skilled at conducting conversations aimed at realizing more and better placements. The (starting) level of this training is MBO+ level.

This training is also provided in Dutch: Interviewtechnieken

The importance of good interviewing techniques

Good interviewing techniques are crucial for labour market professionals. You need to quickly determine which competencies someone has. During the intake, you should be able to assess both the hard and soft skills of an individual. This way, you can place the person in the position where they will thrive the most. By doing so, you deliver the quality that sets you apart from the competition and justifies higher rates.

Blended format training

The Interviewing Techniques Training is offered in a blended format. This means the training consists of a mix of learning activities: online learning (a preparatory assignment), classroom learning, and learning on the job. You will prepare the theory at home. This way there’s more time for in-depth discussion and practice during the classroom session. But that’s not all! After the classroom session, you will work on several practical assignments. This further learning involves experiencing, interacting and reflecting, preferably together with your supervisor or a colleague as a buddy.


The Interviewing Techniques Training lasts 1 day (2 half-days).

Study Load

This training includes preparatory theory and assignments. The total study load is approximately 8 hours.


The cost for the Interviewing Techniques Training is € 615 excl. VAT.

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of participation.


  • The PIE model
  • The LSD method
  • The STAR method
  • The behavior-based interview
  • Delivering bad news conversations
  • GDPR
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26-09-2024 Utrecht 09:30 - 16:30 26 september Beschikbaar Inschrijven