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Conversation Techniques (EN)

If speaking with clients or candidates is a key part of your job, this training is for you. You will increase the return on your conversations and improve your non-verbal communication.

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4 study hours
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Is speaking with clients, candidates, or employees an important part of your work? Do you want to increase the effectiveness of intakes, sales, and conversations with candidates or employees? Do you want to become more confident and learn to set clear boundaries? Then this training is a good choice for you!


  • You have more control over your conversations.
  • Your verbal and non-verbal communication has improved.
  • You are able to truly listen, ask the right questions, and give feedback using the PEER model.
  • You can use different types of conversation techniques.
  • You communicate more confidently in difficult situations.

For whom?

The Conversation Techniques training is suitable for any labor market professional who wants to develop and improve their conversation techniques with clients, candidates, or employees. The (starting) level of this training is MBO+ level.

This training is also provided in Dutch: Gesprekstechnieken.

Blended format

The Conversation Techniques training is offered in a blended manner. This means the training consists of a mix of learning activities: Online learning (e-learning), classroom learning, and learning on the job. You will prepare the theory at home. This way there’s more time for in-depth discussion and practice during the classroom session. The trainer encourages depth during the conversations. You learn to truly hear and question the other person, deal with resistance, and use different types of effective questioning techniques.

This blended approach to learning; online, classroom and on-the-job, ensures a higher learning yield. You’ll actively engage with the topic, are guided by an experienced trainer and learn from and with others.


The Conversation Techniques training lasts 1 day (2 half-days).

Study load

The training includes preparatory theory (e-learning) and assignments. The total study load for this is approximately 8 hours.


You pay € 615,- excl. VAT for the interactive Conversation Techniques training. This includes course materials.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of participation.


  • Conversation techniques: asking questions, listening, probing and summarizing;
  • Different types of questioning techniques;
  • Effectively dealing with resistance, emotions, and conflicts;
  • Making good follow-up appointments;
  • Giving compliments;
  • Giving feedback (positive and negative) using the PEER model;
  • Different roles in a conversation and how to optimally utilize them.
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