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Online Personal Branding and Searching with LinkedIn (EN)

Learn how to build an effective online personal brand and use it for LinkedIn sourcing. Start building your personal brand here!

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Duur: 1 day
4 study hours
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Do you want to create a good LinkedIn profile but aren’t sure what to include? Avoid having an average profile that fails to highlight why clients should choose you. In the Online Personal Branding and LinkedIn Searching training, you learn how to translate your unique selling points into your personal LinkedIn profile. With a strong LinkedIn profile, actively approaching clients and prospects becomes easy!

What will you learn?

Do you know the first impression you leave? An online first impression is formed within just 7 seconds. That is the amount of time you have to make a good impression. After that the other person’s attention may be lost. Therefore, it is important that your LinkedIn profile looks professional and represents your personality. During the Personal Branding training, we will guide you through all the possibilities and limitations of LinkedIn.


  • You will know what you want to communicate with your personal brand and how to do it.
  • You will know how to engage your target audience and which content is most suitable to share.
  • You will learn to use all the options relevant to you on LinkedIn.
  • You will have a strong brand and be easily discoverable by your network and potential clients.

Additionally, you will know how to find your target audience on LinkedIn using various filters, the alumni tool and Boolean Search, and how to use all the data from this system to improve your work.

Format of the training

The Online Personal Branding and LinkedIn Searching training is offered in a blended format. This means the training is a mix of different learning activities: Online learning (e-learning), classroom learning, and workplace learning. You can access the e-learning two weeks before the classroom session.
This way there is more time to work on practical assignments and exercises during the training.

But that is not all! After the classroom session, you can practice the things you learned in several practical assignments. This way, you will continue learning by experiencing, interacting, and reflecting. Preferably with your supervisor or a colleague as a buddy!

For whom?

The Online Personal Branding and searching with LinkedIn training is suitable for anyone who wants to work on their (online) personal brand. We will start working on your brand right away in the training, so don’t forget to bring a laptop! Even if you do not have a LinkedIn profile yet, you are welcome to join the training. The (starting) level of this training is MBO+ level.

Would you rather take this training in Dutch? Online Personal Branding en Searching met LinkedIn.


Online Personal Branding and searching with LinkedIn training lasts 1 day (2 half-days). To prepare, you will go through an e-learning course and fill out a questionnaire. Additionally, you will receive practical assignments.

The total study load is approximately 8 hours.


The cost for the Online Personal Branding and LinkedIn Searching training is € 615 excl. VAT.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completion.


After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Make your personal brand visible;
  • Optimally set up your LinkedIn profile;
  • Be better found online by the target audience that matters to you;
  • Use Boolean Search and LinkedIn Search;
  • Get more out of LinkedIn;
  • Professionally approach clients and job seekers.

Moreover, you will have knowledge of:

  • All the possibilities that LinkedIn offers;
  • How to expand your network;
  • The right search terms;
  • Recommendations, job listings, companies, and groups.
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03-10-2024 Utrecht 09:30 - 16:30 3 oktober Beschikbaar Inschrijven